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Dr. Charles Adams MD



Everything You Want to Know about Vaccines...from the Doctor

In December 2010, a survey was initiated by to compare the health of vaccinated children with unvaccinated children. Though this is obviously not a double-blind controlled study, with over 7,850 surveys, the results show: Children given vaccines have 22 times the rate of ear infections, 32 times the rate of sinusitis, 4x allergies, 2x asthma, 4x hay fever, 3x ADHD and 19 times higher odds of autism.

Dr. Charles Adams MD has studied the DAN (Defeat Autism Now) protocol and treats many children in our area who have been diagnosed with autism, ADHD, and other vaccine injuries.

U.S. regulations place ALL the risk on the public receiving the vaccine, making vaccines very lucrative for pharmacuetical companies, with thousands of vaccines currently in the pipeline. There are even greater hazards inherent with fast-tracking vaccines and in the Ebola field, a number of fast-tracked vaccines are in the works.

Healing & Preventing Ebola & Other Viral Illnesses

Ebola hijacks the immune system and suppresses it. Once your immune system realizes the virus is there, it launches a cytokine storm, and it is this cytokine storm that leads to massive tissue destruction and capillary leakage. According to Dr. Rowen, ozone therapy may be the answer the world has been looking for. Ozone not only inactivates viruses, it also acts very similarly to the experimental drug ZMapp in that it dramatically boosts your immune function, allowing your body to eliminate the viral infection on its own accord—without having to launch a cytokine storm.

Ozone is one of the therapies offered by Dr. Adams at his medical center, and he recently attended the annual meeting of the American Academy of Ozone Therapy and can give a summary of Dr. Rowen's experiences in Sierra Leone.

There are many other holistic answers to viral illnesses (including Chikungunya Virus, which Dr Adams notes is worrisome), and he will teach us about all of these at our upcoming April CHEO meeting. 

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APR 19, 2:00 pm -- Free event for the public -- APR 19, 2:00 pm


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CHEO & Nutrition World April 2015 Film 


Saturday, April 11 - 2:00-4:00pm

(Downstairs in the Yoga/Speaker Room of Nutrition World on Vance Road)

Perhaps the most important vaccine film ever made... THE GREATER GOOD is an award winning character-driven documentary that explores the cultural intersections where parenting meets modern medicine and individual rights collide with politics. There are many physicians who are witnessing an increasing number of children with complex inflammatory and autoimmune conditions, and are beginning to suspect that vaccines may be playing more of a contributing role in these conditions than what they were previously led to believe. This documentary tells the rarely heard stories of three families adversely impacted by vaccination told in a compelling and compassionate way. Using film as a medium for social change, THE GREATER GOOD informs, educates and calls to action. It is documentary filming at its finest.

This movie presentation is FREE and the public is invited. Healthy snacks provided.

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CHEO March Spotlight 2015

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Reiki Teacher & Spiritual Counselor

Please tell us about yourself in 75 words or less.

Before devoting her time to spiritual work, Margaret had a successful 25 year career in the computer industry. She worked as a systems engineer, systems analyst, scientific programmer, data processing supervisor and college professor. She earned one of the first PhD degrees in the computer field from Georgia Tech and developed some of the first computer science curriculum. As a graduate student and a college professor, Margaret published academic papers and presented papers at national conferences. She is an experienced teacher, workshop facilitator and speaker.

What brought you to alternative health and the field/product you’re involved with?

I first studied Reiki as part of an intuitive body work class. I have since studied with many other Reiki teachers taking level III Reiki four times with five different Reiki teachers. I first became a “Reiki Master” in 1995 and have taught Reiki in the Chattanooga area since that time. Most recently I brought Frans Stiene of the International House of Reiki in Australia to Chattanooga to teach Shinpiden which is Level III Reiki in the Japanese tradition and I currently teach all levels of Reiki in his lineage.


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