CHEO 2016 February
CHEO February Film Screening
Saturday Feb. 13, 2 pm   (2nd Saturday)
@ Nutrition World Speaker Room
Edgar Cayce (1877 - 1945), a documentary of his life. Mr. Cayce was dubbed "the Sleeping Prophet" and "the Father of Holistic Medicine" because he was able to bring forth incredible healing information from a deep, self-induced trance. All he needed was to be given the subject to be discussed, or the inquiring person's name, address, and whereabouts, by a conductor to make suggestions and ask the questions, and a stenographer to take it all down. Almost every day for forty-two years he had out-of-body journeys in order to answer questions covering an immense range of subject matter. He could do this at any time, any place.
Persons from all walks of life came to him for help or advice. Among them was a movie producer, an actress, a top steel magnate, a U.S. Senator, a Vice-President of the United States; parents, the sick, the lame, the disturbed. His extraordinary trances also gave in-depth information and guidance on our relationship to God, past lives, the laws of cause and effect, the idea and ideals of an Atlantis, and the history and future of humankind and the universe. He also made numerous prophecies that are just now beginning to prove true.
CHEO Educational Meeting:
Sunday, February 21, 2-4pm    (3rd Sunday)
@ Nutrition World Speaker Room
Linda Battani:
Essential Oil Use In Our Daily Lives / Practical Application
Essential Oils are ‘gifts of the earth’ for prevention and support of our bodies. This presentation will cover the basics of Essential Oil use and how to incorporate them in our daily lives for prevention and acute and chronic health issues.
Linda says that Essential Oils have been in her healing arsenal for more than 12 years. She has used them for the last three years as her predominate ‘go to’ for all emotional and physical healing and for prevention.

As a bio-energy facilitator (Reiki and Quantum Touch), Linda has an understanding of the benefit of frequency and its healing effect on the body. Essential Oils, properly sourced from plants grown in their indigenous culture, provide the most pure and potent oils with profound healing frequencies. They provide a non-invasive environment in which the body can heal itself.

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