(Downstairs in the Yoga/Speaker Room of Nutrition World on Vance Road)

Nov 16, 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm  -  Mark your calendars NOW!

Schaughdt Iam (Peace Pilgrim)

Presenting:  True Inner Peace 

Having trekked thousands of miles and touched thousands of lives, Scaughdt (pronounced Scot), the Peace Pilgrim, will share ideals and practices that others have used to attain Peace-full results; ideals that might bring you closer to experiencing true Inner Peace and practices that might enable you to live more powerfully.

Despite the temptation to be superficially "productive", we can choose to appreciate those things with which we have already been blessed. Despite the yearning to worry about the future, we can choose to celebrate the joys and wonders of our present moments. Despite the desire to extend kindness only to our friends, we can choose to care for strangers and our enemies as well. The choice to live selflessly, while a challenging one, is available to us all in every moment of our lives. 

And it is the purpose of (i)am to help make that choice an easier one for you to make. Since re-discovering the powerful nature of unconditional Acceptance, Scaughdt has been traveling from community to community – engaging various acts of selfless service and speaking to thousands of people about the practical nature of selflessness; that it can actually be walked just as readily as it can be discussed. The interactive presentations that have evolved as a result illuminate a clear way to harmonize our spiritual selves with our material lives. In essence, they share practical methods through which you can actualize deep-seated Peace in your life. 

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Nov 16, 2:00 pm -- Free event for the public -- Nov 16, 2:00 pm


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CHEO November Spotlight 2014

Scaughdt Iam
Peace Pilgrim

Please tell us about yourself in 75 words or less.

My name is Scaughdt (pronounced "scot"), and for the last decade of my life I have been following in the footsteps of the "original" Peace Pilgrim – having no home, possessing no money, and owning no possessions - doing so in order to more effectively share the greatest of news:  that real Bliss is immediately available to us all, and that each & every one of us can powerfully enable a Peace-full world to be reborn.

What brought you to alternative health and the field/product you’re involved with?

... an intense LOVE for Humanity.

Do you feel what you provide is holistic health care, alternative health care, complementary health care services--or do you care what it’s labeled?

"Radical Kindness" pretty much transcends any particular label, though I have found that it is the most efficient & the most effective way not only to experience real Health, but also to know true Wholeness.

So tell me about how you got started in your work?

I gave up everything I owned, went to the Big Island of Hawaii and facilitated a two-year long, extremely intense sociological/psychological experiment on the supposed limits of Kindness & Love while living "on the street". 

What services do you offer?

The Truth of practical Selflessness, the Wisdom of unconditional Love, & the Way of radical Kindness.

What is the most remarkable thing you’ve seen in your business?

I have seen a violent addict drugged-out on meth retreat in passive confusion; I have seen a sociopath become fully functional (i.e. Respect-full); I have seen enemies transformed into Soulmates & despair transformed into Bliss.

What do you find most satisfying about your work?

Giving others even the smallest glimpse into the mostly untapped realm of raw Bliss that is available to us all in every moment of our lives.

Where are you from? How long in the Greater Chattanooga area?

I currently reside primarily in Stuttgart (Germany). I will be in the Chattanooga area this year through the end of November.

If you had three wishes, what would they be in order of importance?

That humanity would move together from arogant selfishness to humble stewardship; that religions would transform from judgmental weapons of dogma to humble vehicles of caring; and that the entire world awaken to justice & equality & compassion by going fully vegan. [NOTE -- all three are actually of equal importance, though the fulfillment of the first would automatically include the fulfillment of the latter two.

If you could have lunch with any person, living or deceased, who would it be and why?

You! (whomever is reading this)

Are you married, have you ever been married, etc.? Kids? Pets?

I was once "married", though I now am Married to Humanity. I once had a "child of my own", though now I consider every living being to be a member of my intimate Family. I once had a "pet", and yet now have only a massive, Earth-wide circle of animal companions.

What is a dream you have that you haven't yet had come true?

To see Kindness & Respect & Peace rule the day.

How would you like to see medical and alternative health in this country grow, change, etc.? 

Regardless of what I personally wish or want, it is inevitable that human beings continue to evolve.  In the health field, that will mean smaller & smaller hospitals and more & more community doctors -- it will mean less & less medicines & pills to cure ailments, and more & more lifestyle changes that will eliminate ailments before they can take hold -- it will mean less & less payment for services rendered, and more & more practitioners who see bringing wholeness to be an honor & a privilege. 

Live compassion...
   Inspire generosity...
      Value service...
         Empower peace...


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