CHEO Dec 2016

CHEO  Share & Learn Potluck 

Join CHEO on Sunday, December 11th from 2pm til 4:30 pm for good company and healthy food,
to Share what you know, Learn new information and ideas, and Be inspired to pursue more growth! 

For our December meeting, we plan to have a meet & greet session to give each person the opportunity to introduce themselves and what holistic therapies and products they're involved in.  Then as we network and nibble, we'd like to build a list of the shared new ideas and requests for needed solutions.  This can help guide our 2017 program planning.
Also since WIFI is now available, we can show some valuable health-related links and YouTubes as well as do searches. 

Hope to see you there! 

CHEO is seeking to become the NETWORKING PLACE for all holistic practitioners in Chattanooga. Plan to attend, bring friends and business cards.  Usually this will be 15 minutes of socializing/snacks, followed by our planned speaker. Afterward, we'll invite people to introduce themselves and share what holistic therapies and products they're involved in!  Followed by more networking!

CHEO November Meeting 2016

CHEO New Networking Meeting + Speaker
Sunday, November 20th, 2:00 - 4:30 pm
@ Nutrition World Speaker Room (off Vance Rd).
(3rd Sunday)


SPEAKER: Posture is the Key to a Healthy, Active and Painfree Lifestyle! Presenter: Vita Zagorodny of Chatt Alignment Therapy

Join CHEO on Sunday, November 20th from 2pm til 4:30 pm for snacks and a talk given by Vita Zagorodny of Chatt Alignment Therapy. CHEO is seeking to become the NETWORKING PLACE for all holistic practitioners in Chattanoogqa. Plan to attend, bring friends and business cards. We'll have 15 minutes of socializing/snacks, followed by Vita talking about her therapy method with question/answers and sample exercises for approximately an hour. Afterward, we'll allow people to introduce themselves and share what holistic therapies and products they're involved in! Followed by more networking!
Posture Alignment Therapist Vita Zagorodny has numerous therapies and after seeing how the person stands or walks, then provides simple exercises that work the body naturally toward health and alignment. One of these therapies is the Egoscue Method of Health through Motion that lets you rediscover the body's power to rejuvenate!

At Chatt Alignment Therapy, Vita says they work to find the root cause of the pain/issue in the body and then work to eliminate the compensations/dysfunctions and get rid of the symptoms to achieve a long term effect. Your body has an amazing capability to heal.
The exercises are specific to the
individual. She works with retraining muscle function through corrective exercise. Your body is designed to move, lets restore it and get you back to a healthy active lifestyle!

ABOUT VITA: My name is Vita Zagorodny and I am a Posture Alignment Therapist. After working at a clinic in Atlanta, GA I decided to move closer to family in Chattanooga and start my own clinic called Chatt Alignment Therapy. I work at getting to the root cause to promote long term painfree living. The most satisfying reward I get from my job is being able to not only help people get out of pain, but also to educate them and help them achieve a healthy, functional and limitless life. I am passionate about people. In five years I see myself expanding Chatt Alignment Therapy and building many relationships in order to better our community. I would like to see the alternative health field grow into recognition of every person understanding the need to treat the body as a whole!

Network with holistic-minded practitioners and business owners. Bring guests. Nutrition World Speaker Room is located at 6237 Vance Road, (downstairs from Nutrition World on Lee Hwy), Chattanooga TN 37421. For more info, 423-309-1060. at our website:, or email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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