May 2016 Movie

May 14  FILM SHOWING  (2nd Saturday), 2 pm  @ Nutrition World Speaker Room 

Movie:   INGREDIENTS     "At the focal point of this movement, and of this film, are the farmers and chefs who are creating a truly sustainable food system. Their collaborative work has resulted in great tasting food and an explosion of consumer awareness about the benefits of eating local.

Attention being paid to the local food movement comes at a time when the failings of our current industrialized food system are becoming all too clear. For the first time in history, our children’s generation is expected to have a shorter lifespan than our own. The quality, taste and nutritional value of the food we eat has dropped sharply over the last fifty years. Shipped from ever-greater distances, we have literally lost sight of where our food comes from and in the process we've lost a vital connection to our local community and to our health.

A feature-length documentary, INGREDIENTS illustrates how people around the country are working to revitalize that connection. Narrated by Bebe Neuwirth, the film takes us across the U.S. from the diversified farms of the Hudson River and Willamette Valleys to the urban food deserts of Harlem and to the kitchens of celebrated chefs Alice Waters, Peter Hoffman and Greg Higgins. INGREDIENTS is a journey that reveals the people behind the movement to bring good food back to the table and health back to our communities."


May 15, CHEO Educational Meeting  (3rd Sunday), 2-4 pm @ Nutrition World Speaker Room

Vita Zagorodny, Exercise Therapist with Egoscue Atlanta speaking on:
Posture is the Key to a Healthy, Active and Painfree Lifestyle!

The Egoscue Method is a world leader in non-medical pain relief. By finding out the root cause of the pain/issue in the body we can work to eliminate the compensations/dysfunctions and get rid of the symptoms to achieve a long term effect. Your body has an amazing capability to heal. The method is specific to the individual and works with retraining muscle function through corrective exercise. Your body is designed to move, lets restore it and get you back to a healthy active lifestyle!

CHEO Events are FREE and the public is invited!
CHEO April 2016 Events

CHEO APRIL FREE DVD SHOWING     Saturday, April 9, 2pm   (2nd Saturday)   Zumba/Nutrition World Speaker Room

Sweet Misery is a close examination into what many in the medical community have voiced over the last few decades on the safety of Aspartame sweetener. Is there a connection with Aspartame and illnesses? Did the government (including Donald Rumsfeld) push the approval of the sweetener and suppress key data? This film delves into the FDA's process and the various reports of health risks associated with the widely used sweetener.

Free DVD Screenings are presented by Nutrition World and CHEO. The public is invited! For more information, please contact Tami Freedman, 706 459 0055.
CHEO APRIL SPEAKER MEETING  -  Sunday, April 17, 2-4 pm (3rd Sunday)   Zumba/Nutrition World Speaker Room

Lucille York: Emotional Freedom Technique

Lucille York, an EFT practitioner will be educating us about Emotional Freedom Techniques, a series of acupuncture tappings on parts of the body that relate to Emotional issues. It is one-on-one work and very specific to the individual. Discover how to use EFT Tapping, a combination of Ancient Chinese Acupressure and Modern Psychology, to improve your health, relationships, happiness and more! What she is going to share can improve your life! Lucille also likes to work with essential oils in combination with EFT, is a Reiki Master and has many additional modalities and feels that’s always a part of the energy work. Please come to hear about this exciting therapy that may change your life!

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